1 St Christophers Place, Oxford Street, London, W1U 1LT

Assam tea is renowned for being a splendid way to begin one’s day as it is a great accompaniment to breakfast. The Assam tea I ordered at Sofra, a tea by JING Tea, did not disappoint. It was served in an oriental iron/clay pot, JING glass cup and saucer and little bowl of brown and white sugar cubes (I love sugar cubes!). A lovely ocher colour, it was smooth, malty and just as exquisite with milk.So impressive was this tea it compelled me to try others from the JING range, specifically, the Jasmine tea and the Whole Rosebuds. The Jasmine tea was refreshing, light and wonderfully scented without being overpowering. I was not sure which of the JING Jasmine teas this one was, although I suspect it was the white tea based one as is had a soft, sweet clean quality.

The JING Whole Rosebuds tea was a visual spectacular and looked almost too delightful to drink! It was a delicate tea, with a subtle scent, also light and refreshing. Both these teas were served in JING’s special glass Tea-iere and glass cups and saucers.

The Sofra chain of restaurants, well known for their Turkish cuisine “with a modern twist’ (as quoted on their website) has received many accolades and great reviews over the years (refer to their website) and continue to excel and be well populated. This one situated at St Christopher’s Place (a mini-piazza hidden from the chaos of Oxford Street) was a great experience to sit sip and savour in the morning, watching people come and go from the square. I was promptly served, although at times it was challenging catching the waiter’s attention.

An excellent and lovely morning tea experience, fabulous tea and a voyeur’s delight!


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