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Tea connoisseurs

Tea has become a truly global sensation. For many, the custom of enjoying a cup of tea has now become an everyday ritual. Whatever the reason or for whatever occasion, a heartwarming cup of tea often hits the spot: In moments of sharing joy or sorrow with a friend, enjoying one with your meal or at your elbow during work.

Here at www.internationalteareview.com we believe the joy and comfort of a cup of great tea is something that truly delights all of the senses, from its fragrant bouquet to its individualistic taste characteristics and sensational colour.

Our goal is to assist our readers from around the globe to find that perfect tea experience. Our reviews include reviewing establishments that serve tea (including afternoon and high tea reviews) as well as stores that sell tea and tea related products.

Our rating system is quite self explanatory and readers should read the reviewer’s comments as a narrative for each rating:

= Good to Great tea/experience

 = Great to Excellent tea/experience

= Exceptional tea/experience


So, whether you are sharing a cuppa with an old friend from abroad, gathering family and friends for a celebration around afternoon tea, or indeed enjoying your own stillness ‘Sit sip and savor’ style, we welcome you to www.internationalteareview.com and wish you a brilliant tea journey.



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